Some NBA Stats, Ladies and Gentlemen

Kirk Hinrich

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Kirk Hinrich of the Chicago Bulls is shooting a horrendous 38.3% from the field this season, the worst numbers of his career, even after having two sub-40 seasons during his first two years in the NBA. His worst this season? 1-9 Against the Kings in November (a game the Bulls actually won) and last night’s 3-14 in the loss to the Clippers. He shot a horrific 0-7 from three, the third time this season he’s had 0-5 or more from long range. Hinrich’s Field goal percentage is the worst on the Bulls out of players who average at least two shots per game.

Deron Williams

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Still with Point Guards – Deron Williams scored 18 points and added 10 assists in the Utah’s win over the Spurs in San Antonio, their fourth win over Duncan (who was stopped one point short of reaching 20,000 career points) and co. Another interesting stat was Williams not turning the ball over at all, the first time he’s managed that all season. He averages 3.34 TO’s a game, with two consecutive 5 turnover games preceding last night’s win.

Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Timberwolves last night94-92 and they are 11-4 since December 23. Durant has been equally hot, scoring 31 points, his 13th 30+ game in his last 16, making a real case in the MVP race (which he probably won’t win) and the scoring title race, which has a really good shot at winning at the current pace (31.4 points in January).

Chris Bosh

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Chris Bosh and the Toronto Raptors lost to the Bucks last night 113-107, but Bosh had another monster game in his excellent season, scoring a career high 44 points, raising his average this season to 24.2 and his January average to 25.8. Bosh has raised his game this year to another level, and right now is the best PF in the league.

Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard hasn’t been having the best offensive season, averaging 17.3 points per game after two consecutive 20+ seasons. Last night he scored 32 in the Magic’s win over Indy but more importantly, it came after a 24 point game in the loss to the Lakers on Monday. This was the first time this season Howard scored 50+ points in two consecutive games combined in a season and month he’s finding it hard at times to score points (6 games this month with 12 points or less).