Raul Jimenez – Almost Scoring the Goal of the Season

The Mexico win over New Zealand in the World Cup playoffs was almost perfect. It would have been if Raul Jimenez and his incredible scorpion kick would have gone in, unfortunately for him stopped by Glen Moss, who was by far the busiest player on the pitch.

Jimenez has a knack of scoring beautiful goals, but if that scorpion kick, maybe the hardest move to execute physically among football’s many branches of trickey, would have gone in, maybe FIFA would be making some room for it on its annual Puskas award list for best goal of the year.

 Incredible inverted scorpion kick/flying backheel volley by Raul Jimenez (Mexico) wonderfully saved [GIF & Video]

Not that we need to feel sorry for Jimenez, the 22-year old with 19 caps for the national team and four goals, all of them coming in the last four months. He seems to be the main beneficiary (aloing with Oribe Peralta) of Chicharito and Carlos Vela being left out for now from the national team, and has already scored Mexico’s most important goal of the campaign – that scissor kick against Panama in a win or go home match last month.

Credit has to go to Glen Moss as well, who had to deal with a frantic Mexican attack that would not cease looking for goals in front of the crazed fans at the Azteca. His defense fell apart each time a ball was crossed into the area, and despite not doing the best he could on some of the goals, he more than made up for it with other saves, even well past the 90th minute.