Champions League – Four Final Thoughts on Real Madrid’s 3-0 Win Against Lyon

Everything worked to perfection. Hugo Lloris was able to hold off the Real Madrid attack for a little while but as his defense crumbled around him, especially in the second half, even he couldn’t stop Real Madrid from finally beating Lyon (3-0, 4-1 on aggregate) and make the Champions League quarter finals for the first time since 2003. Here are a few thoughts and ponderings after watching the fantastic display from Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, Marcelo, Benzema and Angel Di Maria.

Karim Benzema Loves Playing Against Lyon

It’s defeintley been an up and down season for the talented Lyon born striker, but during the last few weeks, Mourinho has finally found a striker ready to lead, to compliment Cristiano Ronaldo and Ozil’s passing. Benzema kept leaving Lyon’s defenders wrong footed and out of breath. He scored his second goal against the former club and his 9th goal in his last seven matches. The talk about him being better coming off the bench should be silenced, at least for a little while.

Jose Mourinho has Earned his Right to Talk Some More

Mourinho decided to use his press conference to talk about Lyon’s president, Jean-Michel Aulas. Mourinho was angry that Aulas even dared and speak about a game that belongs to players and managers. Aulas said that Real will probably defend and try and come away with a 0-0 draw. BS, of course, and in retrospect, maybe even harmful. Mourinho’s Real played aggressively and fluently from the first minute and if it wasn’t for Hugo Lloris’ saves… Maybe this win will calm him down before his next comment about the Barcelona schedule preferences.

Pepe is a Disgusting Player

I didn’t know how to put it. His violent behavior during the entire match has to be addressed by UEFA. His a wonderful defender when he keeps his cool, but he always seems to lose it at a certain point during a match. Today he was extremely fiery, getting yellow carded early on and somehow not getting sent off on two separate occasional, including one when he nearly took Aly Cissokho’s head off.

When Real Are Brilliant

Marcelo’s opener (seen above) was a delight. From Cristiano’s little shimmy before his assist and Marcelo’s perfect control in the box. He’s one of those player that gives fans and coaches heart attacks. Deadly brilliant at times but bound to make a terrible defensive error when under pressure. When you know the opponent is going to be hanging back the entire match, Marcelo’s a perfect weapon to open up a tight defense. When playing against teams that like to attack, not so much. A double-ended sword. Angel Di Maria is pure delight. He does disappear sometimes but his technique and speed in the box creates so much for Real. Ozil did what he does when he’s in the zone – roaming free and constantly creating chances. Same for Ronaldo – drew so much attention but didn’t act selfishly. On nights like these, he’s just as good as Messi.