Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Unhappy & Wants to Leave?

For those of you wondering why Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t celebrate his first league goals of the season, it’s because he’s suddenly unhappy at Real Madrid. Why? No one really knows, as the Portuguese phenom refused to dive deep into the subject, but it has, obviously, caused a few rumors to rise from nowhere about his desire to find another club.

So what did Ronaldo say? I’m sad because of a professional issue and the club know why. That’s why I didn’t celebrate the goals, because I’m not happy. The people at the club know why. It’s nothing to do with Andres Iniesta winning UEFA’s Best Player in Europe award. I won’t talk about this any more and I will concentrate on Portugal for now. There are more important things than this. The people at the club know about this. I cannot say any more.

One of the theories suggests that the club pushed him very hard to play injured through this match, with the internationals for Portugal, which are very important for Ronaldo (I am going to Portugal to see if I recover in the next couple of days, because I want to play those two games, which are so important for the team) looming ahead and they were risking him for a match against Granada. But if he was planning on playing injured anyway for Portugal, no matter the case, I don’t see this as the reason for
his sulking.

Another theory is the fact that he didn’t win the award for best European player, again. It’s one thing to get overlooked if Lionel Messi is the winner, but Ronaldo finished at a tied second behind Andres Iniesta, and his displeasure at the outcome of the voting and the award going to someone else yet again was pretty evident. But… he said that it wasn’t about that, and it’s something internal with the club. Possibly Mourinho?

The third theory is Ronaldo isn’t pleased with the way Jose Mourinho is treating some of the players. Mourinho has pretty much forgotten all about Kaka, giving someone like Morata a chance to play against Getafe instead of the former footballer of the year, lost and neglected on the bench or in the stands. Fabio Coentrao, who does get to play, isn’t exactly treated nicely according to some sources, some even saying “like dirt” on the training ground. The whole Carvalho situation, with Mourinho saying he has no place in the team has probably affected Ronaldo as well.

Rumors started talking about Ronaldo crying in the dressing room for 20 minutes after the 3-0 win over Granada. No personal issues according to him, just things he needs to work out with the club. He also said that it’s going to get worked out. Just in case it won’t be, there are plenty of clubs starting to re-check their finances to see if they can get the most expensive footballer in the world.