Real Madrid – Luka Modric Deal With Tottenham Stuck

What’s happening between Real Madrid and Tottenham regarding the Luka Modric deal? Nothing much apparently. A standstill, or standoff between two sides not willing to budge anymore, despite the fact of the matter being Modric doesn’t want to play for Spurs anymore and Real Madrid have spent nearly a month chasing the player.

The reason? Money, and maybe a bit of ego to boot. Tottenham, realistically or not, do not like seeing themselves as a feeder club. Something good was built there during the last few years with Harry Redknapp, which eventually resulted in only one Champions League appearance, but the expectations are high in both aspects of achievements and performance & style.

Masterminding and trying to predict the future, for Daniel Levy and Andre Villas-Boas, keeping Luka Modric, just like it was last season, is vital in the building of an empire. Of a club that is as big as a name as the usual top 4 in England – Arsenal, Manchester United & City and Chelsea at the moment. Not just prestige, but the aim to win and challenge for titles each and every season.

The fact is, Tottenham made a mistake last season when they didn’t sell Modric to Chelsea for the £40 million that were on the table. Modric wasn’t suddenly going to want to stay unless Tottenham won a league title, which they weren’t even close to. They did finish fourth, but Chelsea’s Champions League title cost them the berth and any chance of Modric wanting to stay at the club for another season.

Real Madrid are willing to offer £33 million, but only £28 of it guaranteed, with more add-ons included in the deal. Tottenham officially want nothing less than £40 million, but are probably willing to accept £35 up front with a few more clauses to increase the price after a period of time. From this point, which the teams reached last season, there hasn’t been any movement.

Real have tried to work a deal that will include Nuri Shain coming with the money to Tottenham on loan, which might have been happy with suggestion because Arsenal are also after the Turkish midfielder, but Spurs are stubborn about the price and keeping Modric for anything lower than the price already mentioned.

Harry Redknapp shed some light on the matter, regarding Modric’s situation with Tottenham. According to Redkanpp, one of the things that dropped the whole Modric saga last season was Daniel Levy promising Modric this – Stay with us one more season, and if Real Madrid come knocking, we won’t stand in your way.

At the moment, Tottenham’s exaggerated demands are blocking Modric from getting what he wants, while Andre Villas-Boas keeps sending out threats that the Croatian needs to set his affairs straight before he’s back and included among the first team. Not exactly a situation that’s really helping them win him back over, but Real have always thrived and enjoyed these tensions between player and clubs, partially because of their name being mentioned.