Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo About Winning, Not Contracts

One year it’s about winning and not scoring, this season it’s about achievements and not contracts. Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Real Madrid after the international break, putting the unhappy remarks and sadness behind him, focused on the matches against Sevilla and Manchester City, while addressing the fans, calming them down.

I’m pretty sure he knew that the moment he opened his mouth about his unhappiness at the club, it was going to create an enormous reaction from every corner of the world, positive and negative about him. Mostly negative. No matter how popular Ronaldo is and how many fans he has on twitter and Facebook, it always seems like the negative reaction to his words and behavior will always be the one that makes the front page.

I would like to reaffirm, without being concerned about contracts, that my focus is solely on winning every game and every available trophy with the essential company of my team-mates and all madridistas.

Don’t worry, this wasn’t some spontaneous statement made out of thin air. The club demanded Ronaldo to clear the air, in a good way, once he returns from the matches against Luxembourg and Azerbaijan, to unimpressive wins, but still wins. And we know Ronaldo is about winning every match and about winning every trophy.

Prior to the Portugal matches, Ronaldo claimed that all the speculations about his low mood being connected to his contract situation have no basis, and one day, the truth will come out. It’s always one day, and not now. Florentino Perez is already getting a new deal drawn up, and once Ronaldo signs it, making him the highest paid player in the world, or something close to that, it’ll all be forgotten. Water under the bridge, ready to move on to the next task – La Liga title, Champions League title, Individual titles. Pichichi, Player of the Year, Balon d’Or. I’m not sure what’s more important to him. His words may suggest one thing, but his behavior on most occasion say something else.

For the moment, he seems happy, after scoring a goal and adding two assists in the two Portugal wins.

Two games, six points. Mission accomplished. Yesterday we could have scored more goals, but it is also true that Azerbaijan greatly complicated our task. In any case, the final result of both games was very positive and it is now time to return to the club and think only about my club.

The way Ronaldo keeps pushing his desire to win for his club, with his club, for his country, with his country, has got me thinking exactly the opposite. He may say he’s only about wins and titles, but without the goals, individual awards and heavy contract extensions, probably already promised to him to sooth his aching soul, he just isn’t a happy camper.

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