Real Madrid – Jose Mourinho Suing Everyone

The turmoils at Real Madrid seem to be over, at least in the dressing room, but the 3-2 win hasn’t calmed down the club or its manager, Jose Mourinho, regarding criticism of him and the team, preparing lawsuits against Marca editor-in-chief Roberto Palomar and Barcelona vice-president Alfons Godall.

Legal action has already been taken against the Marca, following their story last Monday, following their loss at Sevilla, “It’s never the coach’s fault.” The general direction of the article was taking personal jabs at Mourinho and his character for putting the blame on the players instead of on himself.

We have won, they have lost. From the manual. The type of person who flees after knocking someone down.

On Thursday, Mourinho’s legal representatives were quoted in the Marca, saying In our opinion, this expression is pejorative and its use was totally uncalled for given the context. The Real Madrid manager believes that the comparison made by Roberto Palomar is damaging to his honour and reputation.

In addition, Mourinho is demanding €15,000 compensation for the aforementioned breach of his rights, a sum that will be donated to the Canillas football club in Madrid, where his son is currently playing.

This isn’t the first time Real Madrid and Mourinho have taken legal action against journalists. Last July, El-Pais journalist Carlos Boyero was sued for calling Mourinho a Portuguese Nazi.

But it’s not only journalists taking heat for speaking and criticizing Mourinho, probably taking a bit too much liberties with their descriptions and personal attacks.

Alfons Godall, who was the Barcelona Vice President from 2003 to 2010, had plenty to say on his twitter account regarding Mourinho’s reactions to the dramatic 3-2 win over Manchester City in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Lamentable the psychopath celebrating goals as if he were a player. It will be to make up for the frustration at having been useless when he played & In the last five minutes, the psychopath’s team just about managed to save the three points. A pity! It’s true they were up against the wall, but…

Real Madrid didn’t wait too long by releasing a statement, saying they’re considering how to act regarding the tweets, which gained a lot of publicity in Spain in the 24 hours after going “live.”

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Real Madrid FC would like to firmly reject the defamatory remarks made by the ex vice-president of FC Barcelona, Alfons Godall, about our manager, Jose Mourinho, in the wake of the match on Tuesday between our club and Manchester City. Real Madrid FC condemns this attack and has asked its legal teams to undertake any legal action that they deem to be appropriate. Real Madrid FC will not tolerate attacks of this kind and will always bring action against any party which jeopardises the honour of those who are part of our club.

Godall himself didn’t seem too worried about the potential lawsuit – They say Madrid will take legal action against me for discrediting Mou. It would be something if they denounced him for assaulting our coach. If I receive any legal action it will be contested at the opportune moment by my lawyers.

Despite having a rather calm Supercopa between the two teams and the two head coaches, there are some people who don’t forget Mourinho eye gouging Tito Vilanova last year. Despite all the noise around the club and him, there’s a good chance that with the Cristiano Ronaldo issue off the headlines, peace, quiet and concentrations, along with the wins, things might be back to normal, or close to it with Real Madrid.

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