Real Madrid Transfer Rumors – Kaka is Trying to Leave

In what might be the least surprising turn of events in Real Madrid history, Kaka, one of the club’s biggest flops ever, is asking to leave the club with the end of the transfer window just around the corner.

It seems that this request and desire to actually start playing somewhere else is coming a season and probably two too late. Maybe Kaka thought that Real Madrid might be selling Mesut Ozil and Angel di Maria and that reuniting with former manager Carlo Ancelotti will do something (improving) his standing with the team. But no one is leaving, Isco joined, while Gareth Bale still might arrive. The playing time for Kaka just got smaller.


There are complications in letting Kaka go, especially for the eager-to-play Brazilian. There’s his salary, which is around €9 million a season, and it’s hard to see any club in Europe or even in leagues like Russia or the Middle East and Asia willing to pay him that kind of money.

Real Madrid themselves spent €65 million to sign him in 2009, and would like to see something come back to them, although just getting rid of his salary (he’s on a contract for two more seasons) is quite a successful move it seems.

If Kaka is willing to let go of a big chunk he’s should be given, then there shouldn’t be a problem finding a team in Europe. He might be forced to play for a club that isn’t the size he’s gotten used to in his European decade, but at least he’ll find a team that can give him a more consistent place in the lineup.

For now, there aren’t any serious offers for the player, and it’s going to be a matter of who moves the quickest to try and add him because there isn’t too much time left for that to happen. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if this transfer goes down only in January.

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