Real Madrid & Cristiano Ronaldo Forever

When footballers pledge their everlasting loyalty to one club, it usually means it won’t last forever. But Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t everyone, and he didn’t back away from claiming he wants to spend the rest of his career with Real Madrid, although as you all know, nothing in this sport is a guarantee.

It was just a month ago when Ronaldo spoke differently on the matter in an interview, saying I feel happy here but, in one year or two, you never know. Securing the La Liga title, his first with Real Madrid and first major trophy since winning the Premier League with Manchester United in2009, changed all that.

So now, Ronaldo is again a Madridista for life, having already spent three season with the club – If it was up to me, I’d stay here until the end of my career. I really mean that, sincerely. I would stay at Real Madrid and I’d sign up for ten years today. I want to stay but it depends on others.

An indication of why Ronaldo suddenly decided on changing his position on the matter is Jose Mourinho, who signed an extension, taking his contract to 2016. Obviously, Mourinho has a lot of effect on players’ decision to leave or stay, and adding their excellent relationship while finally breaking the Barcelona hold on the championship made it an easy decision. Now there are talks Ronaldo might extend his contract until 2018.

The fact is that we’ve broken Barcelona’s run. I’m sure that from now on it’s going to be much better. The players have more confidence and we believe in the team more.

One thing you know about Ronaldo is that it’s not all about titles for him. It is first and foremost about winning the championship and the champions league, but he cares about individual accomplishments – Pichichi, scoring goals, Ball d’Or and other such trinkets just as much. He’s usually not afraid or too shy to talk about it as well.

I would give my season a ten on an individual level and collectively a nine, because we wanted to win more titles – the Champions League for example. We’ve been close this year, but we need to stay calm. The tenth will arrive in the next season or two. We know that everyone is focused on winning the Champions League. You notice it in the street, but we need to stay calm.

And he’s already campaigning for beating Messi in the race for the Ballon d’Or – I’m not the one who judges who deserves to win the Ballon d’Or, but I think I’ve had a fantastic season. I’ve won the most difficult league in the world. 

I agree with what Mourinho said, but what I want now is to have a great European Championships, because that could also help me in the Ballon d’Or, although honestly it’s not a matter that concerns me much. I’m happy with the season that I’ve had, but I’m already only thinking of helping my country now.

Last season, after Barcelona won both the Champions League and the La Liga, Jose Mourinho thought Ronaldo deserved the award because he scored more goals than Messi in the league. By that logic, Messi should be in front of Cristiano Ronaldo in the running for the award, setting a new record (another pain in Ronaldo’s ego) for goals in a season – 50 in the La Liga, 73 in all competitions.

It’s hard to believe big stars when they make outrageous claims about their future. Things turn quickly, sometimes without any obvious reason – Ronaldo was booed by the Real Madrid fans earlier in the season. One bad season or just a fallout with a head coach can change everything. It’s great to see loyalty, but don’t put too much stake in what stars have to say.