New and Old at the Bernabeu (Real Madrid vs Osasuna)

Real Madrid made history today, playing their first midday kickoff, on a Sunday, at the Santiago Bernabeu, while Cristiano Ronaldo continues cementing his name and scoring records in history with yet another hat trick, leading Real to a 7-1 win over Osasuna.

Yes, besides continuing their perfect form at home this season (5 from 5, 24 goals scored), Real Madrid, right now, are the best team in Europe. Until proved differently. They’re just the most fun to watch, and they’re romping their way through the season after early difficulties.

Now, the La Liga does have a problem. Boredom, which is growing. Watching Real Madrid and Barcelona tear through opponents twice a week is getting a little stale. Hell, it can get tiresome writing about it. But Real Madrid fans won’t care if they felt opposition or not when they end up holding at least on MAJOR (not the King’s Cup) title at the end of the seasons, preferably two, preferably after beating Barcelona at least once in the league.

And then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who keeps on scoring, but suddenly it doesn’t seem out of place with the team’s play. The passing game hasn’t looked better, and there’s no need to talk about defense, at least against opponents such as Osasuna, when your possession is 77% and your players just make a boardwalk out of their opponents’ penalty box.

Just to please your ears with Numbers – Ronaldo has quickly reached 103 goals for Real Madrid, in 106 matches. It was his fifth hat trick of the season in all competitions. He’s at 13 goals in 11 league matches so far. Most importantly? Real Madrid will lead the table when this day is over, even if Barcelona win 10-0, and they won’t.

It’s too early to say that Barcelona are on their way down. Nothing can be said before we see another Clasico. But for now, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most unstoppable player, and hungry one at that, on the planet. Real Madrid? I haven’t said it in a long long time, but they’re playing better and are more fun to watch than Barcelona.