Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil & Jose Mourinho Go Out Like Losers

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

All the questions of uncertainty are back on the table once more, even if the season isn’t completely over. Cristiano Ronaldo went back to his younger, foolish and hot tempered self by trying to kick the head off of Gabi. Jose Mourinho simply continued the awful road he’s been on this season which reeks of opportunism, selfishness and sabotaging. Mesut Ozil, just like in other big matches over the last few seasons, simply wasn’t there when Real Madrid needed him to.

Luck makes everything seem so different. Cristiano Ronaldo had another one of those matches in which he scores an early goal but does nothing else for the rest of the match, which lasted more than 90 minutes this time. If you take a closer inspection at his history, you’ll see that these bad matches happen when he scores one of his trademarks #Hangtime goals.

Real Madrid hit the post three times, including once by Ronaldo and once by Mesut Ozil. Thibault Courtois, who is proving this season he is the best young goalkeeper in Europe, made quite a few spectacular, instinctive saves, including a few in one on one situations, leaving Mesut Ozil broken and shattered at the end, knowing that he had the best of ’em that the goalkeeper, and one goal-line clearance earlier one, made a world of difference.

Mesut Ozil

Ronaldo let his frustration eat him up. He doesn’t know how to lose to Atletico Madrid, and its weird being in the Santiago Bernabeu and feeling most of the stadium is against you. Behind in overtime and less than a second after being aggressively fouled from behind, Ronaldo did something only super-athletic players can. While falling on his back he tried to kick Gabi in the head, with not intention of hiding it. He only clipped his nose, but there was nothing he could do but hold his hands to his waist and see a bench brawl emerge thanks to the peaceful personalities of Diego Costa and Pepe.

Mourinho didn’t lose tactically to Simeone. Real Madrid were the much better side, while Atletico, for the third time this season, struggled to move the ball well and show their regular ability. But they made plays happen, contrary to the two previous meetings. Falcao didn’t do anything all match long, but his assist to Diego Costa was a wonderful blend of talent, inspiration and determination.

Jose Mourinho Sent Off

But Mourinho lost his head, and after everything that has happened this season, it’s hard to know if it’s on purpose in his ploy to get fired and pick up severance money, or is it really something he felt strongly about. It seems he has lost his players’ respect, and is losing huge chucks of dignity as well as the season come to an end. A failure, no one can deny, which might cast a bad light on the entire three-year tenure for him, and even the four-year tenure of Ronaldo and the beginning of the Galacticos 2.0.

The third season is a failure. This is the worst season of my life. For many coaches it would be good, but for me it’s terrible. I had never finished a season without one of the important trophies. The Supercopa does not satisfy me.

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