Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Needs to Shut Up

Cristiano Ronaldo

A smart person like Cristiano Ronaldo should know that anything he says becomes a headline, for better or worse. So criticizing the transfer policy of Real Madrid, even without clearly mentioning the names, doesn’t seem like something that’s going to help anyone going forward.

You remember the Sad Ronaldo saga? It might not have taken the club apart, but it didn’t help Real Madrid win anything. In short, it happened to be an interesting attempt by Ronaldo to win a bigger contract, which worked out eventually. Sad? Unhappy with not being appreciated? This time, it’s simply Ronaldo trying to be more than he is, which is a great player, but he’s no director of football or manager.

One interesting thing Jose Mourinho said about Ronaldo after he left Real Madrid was that the star player wasn’t about to listen to anyone about playing differently. Trying to make him play defense or change positions on the pitch had nothing to do with instructions, but relied on Ronaldo’s will and mood that day. On the other hand, it is Mourinho, who twists the truth in order to make himself seem better than he actually is.

Xabi Alonso, Angel di Maria

I dont want to say what I think, but if I was in charge, maybe I would do things differently. If Florentino thinks best thing team is sign these players & let go those who left then we must respect & support decision. I cannot always say what I think because tomorrow I will be on the front of the papers and I do not want that.

Ronaldo doesn’t just say things. They don’t come out just because. This is letting the management know that he isn’t happy with the sales of Angel di Maria and Xabi Alonso, while bringing in Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez as replacements. Javier Hernandez also arrived via loan, while Alvaro Morata, a crowd favorite at the Santiago Bernabeu, was sold to Juventus.

Drama has always been part of the biggest club in the world. Every word, every movement, on and off the pitch, is being filmed, studied and analyzed. Ronaldo, saying these things, doesn’t help himself or his team, which is already under the pressure of being behind Barcelona by two points.

In any other league, that’s nothing to even think about, especially this early in the season. In Spain, where a bad string of results for one team early in the season while the over giant goes on an incredible streak, it could mean the beginning of a very bad period. Ronaldo not being careful with what he says doesn’t help out his team one bit.

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