Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Stuck With Individual Achievements

Crisitano Ronaldo

It’s hard to eclipse the persona and havoc of Jose Mourinho these days, spewing fire and other venomous things in every direction, but Real Madrid keep on winning, with Cristiano Ronaldo reaching quite incredible milestones a lot faster than anyone expected him to. Unfortunately for him, these will be the only achievements he has to remember from his first four seasons with the most underachieving club in the world.

Because while Ronaldo is enjoying winning and scoring (one) in another high flying home affair, beating the falling apart Malaga 6-2, the things he truly yearns for won’t be coming for him this season. Yes, he has reached 34 league goals this season and an incredible 200 goals in 197 matches since signing with the team, but the only thing left for him to win in order to call this season something else than a complete and utter failure is the Copa Del Rey. Not what he came to Madrid for.

The match itself has been over since the day Malaga fell out of the Champions League, and continue to sink fast, like a stone thrown and shoved down the deep waters of the Spanish La Liga. Raul Albiol scored in the third minute, and short minutes of stress after Roque Santa Cruz scored an equalizer, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo missing a penalty kick were left behind as the Portuguese star scored his only goal of the match, to put Real Madrid in a lead they would never relinquish.

Angry Cristiano Ronaldo

Showing loyalty is all that’s left. Rumors spread like wildfire during these stages of the season, especially when there’s not a lot of happiness about what’s been achieved. Along with the persistent talk of Mourinho taking his talents and returning to Chelsea, there’s also the shadow and cloud that has followed Crisitiano Ronaldo since the beginning of the season – that contract extension he won’t sign, and the identity of his next team.

So Ronaldo has proved he’s sticking with Real Madrid, the only thing on his mind. It’s about winning titles, championship and the Champions League, but with Real Madrid. No one else for him. After four seasons, in them winning only one La Liga title, finishing behind Barcelona three times and missing out on the Champions League final all four times, time is running out, and with it Ronaldo’s patience. There isn’t a bigger club in the world than where he is right now, with a talented crew around him like no other.

And still, it’s not enough, or hasn’t been yet to fully satisfy himself and the supporters, who demand more from the most illustrious team to ever be. Changers are coming, although not too much of them, hopefully. Too much rocking of the foundations is never a good way to carry on with what has basically been an excellent team, playing in an era of one just as good and probably a little better. Ronaldo, is one of those changes no one really needs to even think about making.