Real Madrid – Jose Mourinho Might Stay Only Because of Money

Jose Mourinho Real Madrid

Above pride, arrogance and vanity, it seems almost everyone involved in football appreciated money more than anything else. With that in mind, while Jose Mourinho is trying to worm his way out of Real Madrid by burning every possible bridge, his contract and the financial implications of breaching it might lead to him staying where he isn’t wanted, and he isn’t too keen on staying.

Where are Chelsea in all of this? While the negotiations between Mourinho and Chelsea should be coming to a close soon, involving more than just his salary, but also including his own force at the club, being much more than just a manager but closer to what a Director of football is across Europe, the problem remains with Real Madrid. Mourinho seems to be trying to help those who are offering conspiracy theories on why he’s been acting the way he has this season by attacking Pepe and Iker Casillas, but Florentino Perez isn’t biting yet.

If Mourinho wants to leave, there’s a buyout clause in his contract for €20 million. A bit higher than what Abramovich paid to Porto for Andre Villas-Boas, and we all saw how well that one went. There’s no chance he’s actually purchasing a manager once again. If Real Madrid want to fire Mourinho, they’ll have to pay him €10 million, and while everyone is contemplating whether his tenure so far has been a success or failure, no one wants to give him “farewell gift” after everything that’s transpired over the past season or even more.

While Rafa Benitez is saying that Chelsea and Jose Mourinho will become one next season, there is simply too much money at stake for any side to give up on its stance. No one believes Mourinho will do a sabotage job if he’s “forced” to stay on for another season, still being the world’s most expensive managerial persona, but things might get awkward. Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas and Pepe can’t wait for him to leave; Xabi Alonso might ask to return to England anyway, while Cristiano Ronaldo might not be in favor of Mourinho staying as well. Too much foul water under the bridge these past 12 months.

Ego doesn’t beat money. People are willing to absorb a lot for tens of millions, which is the pot that is at stake. The losers in this case? Probably the club more than anything else. Mourinho doesn’t mind ruining the atmosphere for his own sake, with his name, his legacy, being the most important thing. He’s willing to sacrifice it just a bit, or at least the Real Madrid part of it, if it gets him what he wants.

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