Real Madrid – Kaka Has Overstayed His Welcome


With Kaka no longer being a figure that stands for yet another thing Jose Mourinho has done wrong in the eyes of Real Madrid fans, it seems the opinion on the Brazilian midfielder is quickly turning, with his expensive role as a bench-warmer starting to get on the nerves of too many people who frequent the Santiago Bernabeu.

You rarely hear jeers and boos during friendly matches, but the Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu was an example of fans getting sick of Kaka and his disappointing tenure with the team.

In the annual friendly match, this time playing against Al-Sadd of Qatar and Raul, maybe the club’s biggest legend in the last 45-50 years, Kaka didn’t really wow anyone when he got on the pitch. He played badly, but no one really notices that in friendly matches. However, this time, every bad touch on the ball was followed by a clear disdain from the fans at the stadium.

And why wouldn’t they? Mourinho is gone, and there’s no longer the excuse of him not getting chances because of the Portuguese manager. It was never really a valid one, because Kaka didn’t play brilliantly during his chances against (usually) the weaker teams in the Spanish La Liga.

He’s making over €9 million a season, and doesn’t want to give that up, knowing no team in their right mind would pay him that sum. He keeps talking about wanting to win more trophies and prove he’s still capable of being a part of a premier football team, but everything that happens on the pitch and Kaka’s unwillingness to move somewhere that will guarantee him some minutes shows otherwise.

The joke on Kaka usually goes like this: No one gives up getting paid to watch Real Madrid from the best seats in the house. It’s not that far from the truth, probably, but the Brazilian, at least on the outside, insists that he’s in this to be great again, or at least get the chance to.

The truth? While he wouldn’t mind feeling glory basked upon him one more time, the money is simply too good to pass on, even if he’s shooting his career in the foot every time he passes up an offer from a European club.

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