Real Madrid – The New 2013-2014 Kit

Leaked photos, especially online, don’t always guarantee 100% results, but it seems that this photo of a Real Madrid shirt, with the Fly Emirates company as its sponsor, is pretty genuine, showcasing the new kit for the 2013-2014 season.

The photo was posted by a Uruguayan blog called Todo Sobre Camisetas, which claims to have recieved the photo from a source who has had historical successes in leaking earlier Rel madrid and Ajax strips.

In truth, and after a first few glances, there isn’t too much different about the shirt except for the sponsor (currently it’s Bwin) and maybe a bit of a darker shade to the shirt. It’s probably as good of a timing as any to start working on shirts for next season, because after dropping points against Espanyol, now falling 13 points behind Barcelona, working on next season, at least in the league, is all they have left.