Real Madrid – Pepe Returns to his Violent Ways

Did you think Pepe was a reformed man? Now strictly focusing on defending and helping his team out? Wrong. The man who used to commit the most violent of fouls, even in front of the referee, has simply gotten more sophisticated, hiding his work. The camera still caught everything during Real Madrid’s 2-1 loss to Celta.

Amazingly, Pepe managed to finish without even a booking. If scoring, passing and dribbling are a sort of art form on the pitch, than building an impressive arsenal of dirty plays and hits you manage to conceal from the eyes of the referees also deserves some mention. A darker art form, true, but still one that demands intelligence, stealth, and timing.

So what did Real Madrid’s lost soul do this time? Nothing much. Just a kick to the groin of a Celta Vigo player, Roberto Lago. How did he get away with it? He masked it by frustratingly kicking a ball, and following with through with his leg continuing, unaturally, backwards, to commit the unseen offense. He also got off from slapping a Celta player in the face later on in the match. All in all, a normal day of work for the Portuguese international, who showed us once again he hasn’t gotten rid of his ugly side.