Real Madrid Transfer Rumors – Gareth Bale Signing Keeps Eluding Them

At some point, time is going to run out for Real Madrid to sign Gareth Bale. Despite the Tottenham spending spree which makes it looks like an inevitable thing that the Welshman will leave the club, the stage that was built to announce his arrival has been dismantled, making it look a tad questionable if he’ll arrive at all.

With Tottenham spending over £100 million this summer to bring in new players, everyone seems to be quite sure that they’ll sell Bale. But Spurs and Real Madrid haven’t agreed on anything yet. Maybe it’s about the price, and maybe it’s about Real Madrid wanting to pay in installments instead of the entire price at once. Whatever the issue may be, a final word still hasn’t come out from either the Santiago Bernabeu or White Hart Lane about Bale changing European capitals.

Gareth Bale Stage

To be a little more serious, Real Madrid had to dismantle the stage because they have an early match against Athletic Bilbao at the stadium, and the stage would have obstructed the view for some of its fans. However, there’s something that seems to be in the way of this deal being made, even if both Spanish & English papers agree it’s only a matter of time. For how much money? It doesn’t really matter if it’s a new world record or not. Bale can’t wait to leave Tottenham, even if Ronaldo remains the most expensive player out there.

It’s hard to imagine what Bale will behave like if this deal somehow collapses. He’s behaved in the most unprofessional of ways with his club, Tottenham, allowed to act like a free agent despite his contract – missing practice, feigning injury, refusing to play. Nothing you’d expect from a grown man who has a job to do and is paid millions to do it, regardless of if he has somewhere else he’d rather be.