Real Madrid Transfer Rumors – Gareth Bale Will Probably Be Signed, Luiz Suarez Won’t

Suarez, Bale

It’s hard to say at what stage the talks between Real Madrid and Tottenham are for Gareth Bale, as reports from both England and Spain don’t seem to agree on anything. What is clear is that the craze over a late bid and “sure thing” signing of Luiz Suarez from Liverpool were misunderstood.

Andre Villas-Boas might be saying ‘no, no, no, no‘ but everyone else seems to be quite certain that Real Madrid are going to end up with Bale, be it for £94 million, or €99 million, or whatever the price may be. The online shop at Madrid began selling Bale’s #11 jersey even if there hasn’t been a done deal yet, or announcing, just for a short while, that he is the club’s latest Galactico.

Whatever happens, Tottenham should be the winners out of all of this. It doesn’t seem like they’ve ended their incredible shopping spree this summer, as Daniel Levy understands that whether he sales Bale or not, the opportunity to build a very strong team that will both compete for the title and finally win a place in the Champions League (for only the second time), noticing this might be a better opportunity than in the past.

Bale? He turned out to be just another spoiled star, who locks himself in his room until his parents give him the answers he wants. There’s a way to handle yourself, and missing practice, faking injuries and not showing up to matches isn’t the way someone who is valued as the most expensive footballer in history isn’t that way.

But on to Suarez. The Guardian put everyone on alert with a misleading headline, but the truth is that Liverpool are just preparing for a bid, that might never come. Suarez isn’t for sale, and Real Madrid won’t make any offer if they actually sign Bale. It’s only that the Reds are waiting for a bit more turmoil and Suarez-saga if Real Madrid do make an offer, but that will only happen if the Bale deal collapses.

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