Real Madrid Transfer Rumors – Trying to Sign Gareth Bale While Ruining it for Tottenham


The method in which Real Madrid are working to try and bring over Gareth Bale isn’t new, but it has created sucn an impossible atmosphere between the player and his current club, where he’s under contract, Tottenham, that it seems there really is no other option but to sell him.

It goes beyond the question of whether Bale is really worth (or not) the money that’s being discussed over him. Latest reports coming from Spain (AS) suggest that Real Madrid will make an offer worth €110 million, although that includes a player, probably Fabio Coentrao, inside the deal. Tottenham want more cash than player-value in the transaction, but it’s all rumors and suggestions at this point.

The method of destroying the relationship between the team and player isn’t new, but nothing about it is nice and clean. Real Madrid work their tabloids, which report certain things about Bale and his club, which are later repeated by the English press. Bale doesn’t actually know if offers have been made, but it’s made to look like Tottenham are stopping him from advancing in his professional career.

The truth is Bale is on a contract, which is something he seems to forget. The truth is Daniel Levy and Spurs see a club willing to pay an insane amount of money for someone, so why not try to bring out a little more from this deal? If Real Madrid are trying to take away the centerpiece of Tottenham’s hopes of making it into the Champions League and maybe challenging for the title, it should cost them everything they can afford.

But even if Real Madrid don’t have that sum and Tottenham aren’t willing to sell, things between them and Bale might never be the same. At the moment he’s refusing to train, so he’s “injured”, keeping him out until September. He’s not talking to the club or his manage, in what would get a regular worker fired right on the spot.

Tottenham might recover quite well from this, but it takes time to use even €100 million if you’re planning to do it correctly. Selling a player like Bale at this stage of the season (just before it begins that is) is almost a deathblow to Spurs’ aspirations. Real? They’ll do fine, with or without him.

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