Real Madrid vs Barcelona: What Pepe and Lionel Messi Talked About During El Clasico

An interesting moment in El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona was when Pepe and Lionel Messi were caught on camera having some sort of conversation with their hands covering their mouths to the Spanish media, employing lip readers to reveal what players were talking about. It seemed, at least according to Sport, there’s no longer any mystery.

So what was it about? Well, no one can confirm it, but it seems to have been a little bit of trash talking on Pepe’s part, which doesn’t make much sense considering Messi’s statistics and overall performance in this specific game, finishing with a hat trick as Barcelona won 4-3.

Pepe begins it by saying to Messi “You’re always [email protected]$% against me… 

Messi replies with what is pretty much true “I always score against you. It’s thanks to me you end up in pictures after the game… 

Lionel Messi & Pepe

If that’s actually what was being said, it’s pretty hilarious. Trash talking is always fun to learn of, but it’s even more funny to think that Pepe actually believes that he does pretty well against Messi. The Argentine has scored 21 goals in the meetings between the two teams, most of them coming when playing against the Portuguese centre back, who might make it tough for Messi at times to find the net, but by now way makes him look anywhere near as bad as he seems to think he does.

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