Red River Rivalry – Oklahoma Keep Crushing Texas

A good rivalry needs a fair fight, and the way the Oklahoma – Texas rivalry has been played on the field the last two years means it’s not at that point right now. Both teams came in with one loss going into the game in Dallas, but the Longhorns came out of the Cotton Bowl with one of the more humiliating defeats in the Red Rivalry history.

After their loss to West Virginia, it was pretty clear that Texas’ defense won’t be able to carry them very far in the race for the Big 12 title, defenitley not when it comes to the national picture. But Oklahoma put on 63 points on the Longhorns, who got some pity points in the fourth quarter. The Sooners finished with 677 yards, 343 yards on the ground. Damien Williams put on a show with 167 yards and a touchdown, the most yards by an Oklahoma running back against Texas since Adrian Peterson rushed for 225 in 2005.

Even blaming it on losing David Ash doesn’t work. Ash left the game with a wrist injury, but Texas were down 49-8 at that point. He completed only 13 of his 29 passes and threw 2 interceptions. Texas have a quarterback, but still not as good as they thought. Still not Colt McCoy, while another McCoy, Case, took over for Ash and threw two touchdown passes.

Bob Stoops now has a 9-5 record against Mack Brown and Texas, with four wins that stand out. The 63-14 win in 2000, the 65-13 win in 2003, the 55-17 win last year and now this 63-21. In 2000 and 2003, Oklahoma ended up in the national championship game, although it’s hard to see it happening to them this year.

It’s just unacceptable for Texas to lose like that to Oklahoma, much less anybody, and especially two years in a row. I’m disappointed for our coaches, our fans and our players because that’s not who we are. (Mack Brown)

Landry Jones didn’t have a super game, but there wasn’t a clock that wasn’t ticking for the Sooners. He finished with 21-37 for 321 yards and two touchdown passes. He felt quite happy about the specialty of the game. It’s easier when you win, and put off a lot of criticism that’s been poured on you for quite some time.

Just the game of football is great, but this game in particular, there’s something about it. There’s something about the atmosphere — the crimson versus the burnt orange and just this rivalry. There’s something special about it. I’ve just been so thankful that I’ve been able to play in this game.