Referees Are Helping Manchester United Again

Stoke vs Manchester United

Somehow, someway, Manchester United managed to walk away from their visit to Stoke with a 1-1 draw and not a loss, mostly thanks to Michael Oliver completely ignoring a hand ball by Chris Smalling right in front of him in the penalty box.

Not for the first time this season, it seems that the famous Manchester United mojo with officials is back, ignoring hand balls, harsh fouls and other infringements, helping the improved side, spending an insane amount of money to make things easier for manager Louis van Gaal to bring them back into the champions league.

It didn’t take long for the poor Manchester United defense to crack under the air-raid offense, giving up a goal to Ryan Shawcross. However, among being run over by physical players and somehow not conceding as Jonny Evans kept showing why he shouldn’t be playing for a club of this magnitude, they found the equalizer.

Radamel Falcao, who some think is on his way to becoming the next Fernando Torres, connected to a corner kick with his head to equalize. Manchester United did find a few chances here and there but it was their second draw in three matches, which could make it easier for Southampton to threaten their hold on the third spot.

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