Referees Don’t Know What an Offside Is (Borussia Dortmund vs Malaga)

The Champions League won probably by getting Dortmund to score an illegal goal in the 93rd minute, giving them a 3-2 aggregate win in the quarterfinals, as Felipe Santana scored the dramatic winner after a double offside went unnoticed by the referees. Earlier, Eliseu scored the potential winning  goal also from an offside the linesmen and the referee missed.

In a match that everyone expected to be an easy second leg for the home team, the better side, Dortmund, turned into a tense and heated match, as Jurgen Klopp’s side found it very hard to stop the pressure getting to them. Joaquin scored the opening goal with a brilliant solo effort, but Robert Lewandowski, one of the few Dortmund players who seemed to be untouched by the gravity of the tie equalized after an impressive one-touch passing build up.

Eliseu, who came on as a substitute for Duda, gave Malaga a shocking 2-1 lead while being on offside after a series of saves from Willy Caballero made us feel that Dortmund were moments away from scoring their winner. It took them about 20 minutes until they went to their hail mary tactics, first scoring the equalizer in the 91st minute through Marco Reus, and then enjoying Felipe Santana standing in the right place at the perfect time to give them the semifinal spot.

Robert Lewandowski