Referees Keep Ruining Big Games (Bayern Munich vs Barcelona)

Viktor Kassai

Yes, it wasn’t a fair fight. Bayern Munich steamrolled over Barcelona with a 4-0 victory that already puts them in the Champions League without a real need for a second leg. And yet, the feeling that referee¬†Viktor Kassai messed up one a lot of big decisions, including three goals, gives another example of the crisis in terms of match refereeing football is experiencing, while nothing is done (hint: start using replays) to make things better.

First goal – a cross reaches Dante, who simply climbs and clutches Dani Alves before he heads it down towards Thomas Muller, who open the scoring for Bayern Munich. Clutches in the box are hard to see every time, but Dante and Alves were isolated from the rest. Hard to believe Kassai missed that, not to mention the ridiculous addition of the penalty box referee, who has done nothing since the implementation of the concept.

Second goal – A corner from Robben reaches Thomas Muller on the far side, but Mario Gomez is offside when Muller heads the ball towards him and makes it 2-0.

Third goal – In the NFL and the NBA it’s allowed to set screens, even aggressive ones. In soccer? Not so much. And still, Thomas Muller does exactly that, in front of Kassai and the box-official, simply shoving Jordi Alba aside to make room for Robben’s dribble and goal.

Bayern would have won either way. They were simply that much better and dominant, but referees will continue to look like fools, and UEFA/FIFA will continue to defend them and tell us stories about how it’s all part of the game, while in truth we keep feeling like games are being robbed of justice because of a fear of advancement, meanwhile investing money and time in the wrong kind of progress – the goal line technology.