Jets’ Rex Ryan Has Seen Better Days

When head coaches talk their way and win, they’re confident. When they lose, it becomes arrogance, and things can turn ugly. Like they did for Rex Ryan and Brandon Jacobs after the New York Giants beat the Jets 29-14 in a fiery and physical afternoon at the MetLife stadium.

The Jets, who made it all the way to the AFC champions game last season, now can’t rely only on themselves. They need to beat the Miami Dolphins and hope for the best. The way Miami took it to New England yesterday, that is far from a guaranteed victory. Meanwhile, for the New York Giants, it’s simpler. A winner takes all game against the Dallas Cowboys, on who goes to the playoffs and wins the NFC East.

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Yesterday, was about defense. Something the Jets take pride in, and the Giants haven’t been doing so well this season. It’s easier when Mark Sanchez is the one in front of you. Sanchez his having a rough season (some would call it something worse), and had an even worse day. He attempted 59(!!) passes, completing only 30 for 258 yards. That’s a 4.4 average. He also got intercepted twice, which made his touchdown run and pass redundant in the end.

For the Giants, it was Ahmad Bradshaw, looking relatively free from injuries, and two touchdowns despite the unimpressive 54 yards. It was Victor Cruz, who saw Eli Manning struggling all day (9-27), but they did connect for a 99 yard touchdown in the second quarter, giving the Giants the lead which they didn’t lose.

And the defense, that haunted Mark Sanchez all day. Five sacks, two from recent win over the Cowboys hero, Jason Pierre Paul. Seven tackles for a loss, 13 passes deflected and six more quarterback hits. The Jets’ offense simply didn’t get anything accomplished. Sanchez didn’t complete any pass that was thrown for over 15 yards from the line of scrimmage, getting picked twice.

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The biggest news coming from the game was the Brandon Jacobs – Rex Ryan scuffle. The two had what Ryan called later a private conversation. Rex Ryan talked all week about who’s the best in New York, meaning his Jets, and had his words, not for the first time in his career, explode in his face.

We had a private conversation. That’s all I’ll leave it as. He doesn’t like me. I respect him, but I couldn’t care less about him.

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Jacobs was a little more telling about what transpired between the two – He approached me, said %&^* and that they’re going to win the Super Bowl. And I told him I’ll punch you in the face. He’s a disrespectful b&%$&. I’m glad we came out here and gave it to him. I wish I got a chance to go over there on that sideline. He is disrespectful.

They got a big-mouthed coach, a big mouth and a big-bellied coach that talks too much and now it’s finally time to shut up. I told him out of all these Giants you have on this football team, you’re talking to the wrong one. I wasn’t talking to him, he just came out of nowhere and started going at me.

I think the Jets are a good football team. I do think them as players are put in places they don’t really need to be by their coach.

And for Jacobs’ big finish – He needs to shut up. He’s a great coach, I take nothing away from him. He comes from a great coaching family. But he needs to shut up.