Ricky Rubio & Derrick Williams Make the Minnesota Timberwolves Worth Watching

Ricky Rubio

It’s been a long time since the Minnesota Timberwolves last had a chance to make the postseason, but it doesn’t mean they can’t make the garbage time of the season a little bit more fun, and with Ricky Rubio back to the best of his ability, making Derrick Williams seem like someone Rick Adelman sorta missed out on this season, it does look like a team worthwhile watching despite the lack of playoff interest or chances.

Ricky Rubio seems to do everything well except for scoring, but in a 105-93 win over the Phoenix Suns, a team that doesn’t exactly make life hard on opponents when it comes to their defense, he showed there’s no reason he can’t finish with more impressive numbers than his 10.7 points per game this season and his short NBA career.

Rubio put up a career-high 24 points, adding his usual impressive¬†supplemental¬†numbers of 5 rebounds, 10 assists and 5 steals, not to mention his highlight reel moves, including a behind the back assist to Derrick Williams, leading to an impressive dunk by the forward, finishing with 15 points on 7-12 from the field. He isn’t doing as well as he did with the added minutes in March, but Adelman knows he probably made a mistake by often forgetting about Williams on the bench.

After three consecutive losses that weren’t really indicative of the relatively good form the Timberwolves have been on these past three weeks, a win seemed to be an important thing to achieve. Leaving a good taste in the mouths of the players before hitting their early spring-summer break, knowing that this year was somewhat of a lost one mostly because of the ridiculous amount of injuries that piled on during the season, affecting pretty much every meaningful member of the squad at some point or another.

Rubio is the future, along with Kevin Love and hopefully an improving Derrick Williams, Nikola Pekovic who hits free agency and Andrei Kirilenko with a pretty decent bench unit, that should be even better with a lottery pick, hoping to make the right choice, which hasn’t always been the case for the Timberwolves. With every passing game, looking past the flashy assists, the most fun to watch point guard in the NBA is getting better. Maybe it’ll end up pretty soon with a team worthy of his skills.