Rio Ferdinand is Trying to Get David Moyes Fired

Rio Ferdinand, David Moyes

It’s been made quite clear that Rio Ferdinand, for whatever reason, isn’t the biggest fan of David Moyes, and it seems that his most recent activity on social media might be an attempt to rock the Manchester United managerial boat even further.

After Michael Laudrup was sacked by Swansea, Ferdinand took to Twitter, where he spends a lot of time if you’re following him, and asked his followers an “innocent question” about managers being fired, and who is going to come next:

Face value, doesn’t seem like much right? However, given the context of Ferdinand’s previous comments about Moyes and the whole situation at Manchester United, with the first-year manager doing quite badly when compared with his predecessor or by any standard for a club of this size, there has to be more to it.

Ferdinand has questioned Moyes’ team selections publicly this season a few times. Maybe it has to do with him personally, as he hasn’t appeared for the team since November and has a total of 7 league matches for the club this season (and not just because of an injury), or just with the overall performances by the team & players under their new manager, leading Manchester United to 7th place so far.

As proof that Ferdinand knew perfectly well what he was doing came his next tweet, suggesting he knows that it’s quite clear what he’s hinting at, but he’s not trying to shrug away from it.

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