Robbie Keane Grabs Jake Livermore’s Butt

Yes, you read the title correctly. In the friendly match between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Tottenham Hotspur, Robbie Keane suddenly sends his hand to Jake Livermore’s butt and grabs or sticks or whatever he was doing there, which goes unnoticed by everyone else except for the young Tottenham player, probably feeling violated.

Maybe it’s his old age, 32 by now. Maybe it’s the excitement of playing against his former club. These things tend to happen. But Robbie Keane would still find it hard to explain what he was doing with his hand to Jake Livermore, the 22 year old Tottenham centre back who obviously felt like he was having an examination with a very rough doctor.

On strictly football news, Tottenham ended their exhibition tour opener in a 1-1 draw against the Galaxy, with Gareth Bale, who was apparently not fit enough to accept the call up to the British team that’ll play in the Olympic games (wink, wink), scoring the only goal for Spurs and looking rather well and injury free for his club. Andre Villas-Boas responded to the questions regarding Bale’s fitness ‘I was taking a huge risk with Bale, but it paid off and we were lucky nothing happened to him during the match.’

I’d love to see anyone explain what the hell Robbie Keane was doing to poor Livermore. This isn’t a case of video review and fining a player. This is a case of needed some psychological and behavioral research to explain what makes a man do that to another player. Maybe he wanted to sort out his bikini line.

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