Robbie Keane Wins a Penalty With a Pathetic Dive (Galaxy vs Crew)

Usually, you expect British & Irish to be a little harder to take down, but diving is an epidemic that touches everyone. Robbie Keane wanted his team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, to win as the match with the Columbus Crew was entering injury time, so he simply dived and actually won a penalty without being fouled.

The MLS isn’t a league filled with divers, and in the Premier League, where Keane has spent most of his career, managers love to attribute diving to the foreign experience – Spanish and South American players mostly.

There was also the famous Thierry Henry handball in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers as France managed to squeak by Ireland thanks to his infringement. Keane was on the losing end of that encounter, and maybe, after all these years, decided he’s had enough and it’s time for him to win something by tricking the referee.

Does Bernardo Anor touch him? Maybe resting his hand on him, on the shoulder. But there was no pull and no shove, yet the 32-year old Irishman had no problem rolling on the ground and winning an unjust penalty. Galaxy won the match thanks to two Robbie Keane penalty kicks in the 85th minute and again two minutes into injury time, beating Columbus 2-1.

Robbie Keane