Robert Griffin is an Unconventional but Deserving Heisman Trophy Winner

Baylor weren’t supposed to finish 9-3, weren’t supposed to beat TCU, Oklahoma and Texas. Robert Griffin III wasn’t supposed to win the Heisman. So they weren’t. The Baylor Bears finished in the top 25 polls for the first time since 1986. Griffin, a redshirt Junior quarterback, became the school’s first ever Heisman trophy winner.

Griffin’s numbers were part of the story. Passing for 3,998 yards, throwing 36 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. He ran for 644 yards and nine touchdowns. More than everything, it was his wowing ability that made his the first Bear to win the Heisman. Not just that. You need to go back a long long time in College Football lore and history to find a player not from a major football collegiate power to win the trophy. Ron Dayne from Wisconsin maybe? Still the Badgers have more credit in College Football than Baylor.

Griffin won it because he impressed late. He was great early as well, including in that opening day win over TCU, but going 4-0 in November, beating Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech, that was the clincher. Baylor previously won a total of four November games in their 15 Big 12 seasons. Griffin also had the highest effiecny rating in the nation with 192.3.

Griffin made the jump from superb athlete to superb quarterback this year. His passing improved from good to great. He always was a fantastic running QB, but those usually never make it far, if at all, in the NFL. There aren’t that many Michael Vick’s out there, and he can throw. Griffin seems to have made the leap. He has the Alamo Bowl to win before moving on to a huge decision – stay on for another year at Baylor or go Pro?

RG3 beat candidates from more succesful, more proven schools. All those named behind him were bigger favorites than him before the season began to win the Heisman. Andrew Luck finished second for the second consecutive year, leading Stanford to an 11-1 record. Trent Richardson threatened to be the second Alabama tailback in recent years to win the award, and will get a change at the BCS Championship game to prove voters wrong.

Touchdown machine Montee Ball, Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu, Matt Barlkey, Case Keenum and Kellen Moore all finished next in the votes for the award. Griffin, only the third Baylor Bears player to