Roberto Carlos Faces More Disgusting Racism in Russia

Despite making quite a few dollars or Rubles or Euros, I don’t how they’re paying him over there at Anzhi Makhachkala, the Russian experience is filled with unpleasent moments for Roberto Carlos. The Russian stands are filled with racism and violence, and Roberto Carlos suffered from another ugly incident yesterday in a match against Kyrila Sovetov in Samara.

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With his team leading 3-0, a banana was thrown at the Brazilian left back by a Samara fan, causing Roberto Carlos to leave the pitch and take a seat on the bench. It was around the 90th minute when it happened. Roberto Carlos said that after the game many Samara fans came to him and apologized, but that didn’t make him forget the disgusting incident and his hope that the police finds the person who committed the crime.

This wasn’t the first time Roberto Carlos had to face these kidn of ugly scenes. Earlier this season a Zenit fan came up to him during the warm up and handed him a banana.