Roberto Soldado Doesn’t Like Cameramen and Laptops

Roberto Soldado scored one of Valencia’s four goals in their 4-1 win over Levante, scoring his 19th goals for the club in all competitions this season. His scoring ability breaking out again wasn’t the most impressive of his feats on Thursday, while his laptop breaking quality was showcased for the first time.

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Footballers do stuff in minutes of frustration, and Soldado, in a moment of frustration, belted a ball in fury and walking away from the scene of the accident, not aware of the consequences of his moment of rage and the subsequent kick.

A cameraman sitting close by on a bench had his laptop with him, and Soldado’s shot meant that laptop will never be the same, or at least wouldn’t be working properly on that evening. Next time, either warn players that there’s expensive equipment on the sidelines, or just cameramen should leave their laptops at home.