Robin Lehner Loses it on New Year’s Eve

Robin Lehner of the Binghamton Senators, Ottawa’s AHL affiliate, is one of the more talented goaltenders skating around the minor leagues. The 20 year old Swede was the MVP of the 2011 Calder Cup Playoffs, won by the Senators. However, on Saturday night, facing the Syracuse Crush, Lehner completely lost it.

Nothing new about brawls in hockey games. Crowd loves it, players love it and even the referees seem to let thing go on a bit before they somehow go overboard and then it’s time to calm down. That’s what happened to Lehner, who tried to get himself a piece of the action.

First, he was stopped by one zebra, pulling Lehner to the ice. Soon enough, two referees were on him, stopping the rampaging youngster, who eventually got thrown out of the game. He’ll probably be dealt with severely by the AHL.