Robinho and Milan Get Screwed Again By Lack of Goal Line Technology

Robinho surely scored, but from where the referee was located, it was hard to tell. AC Milan should have won against Catania, but the linesman couldn’t identify, or just didn’t have the guts to say anything, regarding the ball that crossed the line. The game went on, ended in a 1-1 draw with Catania, and the title race is wide open again thanks to another case of Milan being on the wrong end of football’s primitiveness.

It was not that long ago when AC Milan and Juventus played at the San Siro and Sulley Muntari scored a header that should have put Milan 2-0 up against their title race rivals, but again, no whistle was blown, no had was pointing to the middle of the field. When these things happen in Juventus’ favor, voices are heard, whispers are whispered. Thankfully, Juve got their share of injustice in that match against Milan, so it was that bad kind of day from the officials.

What are we to do, as those watching the matches, at home and in the stadiums, wanting justice? The world is an unfair place, but you always hope, with too much ingrained naivety of still not disillusioned sports fans, that justice resides in those 90 minutes. For once, knowing that it’s alright to be 100% confident in the referees decisions.

They’re only human beings, yes. They don’t have the privilege of watching replays, we know. We can argue about these things for years and years after, we’ve heard. That’s the beauty of the game, someone once said. Or more than just someone. I think it were the people running the sport from their ivory tower, right? I don’t really care if they were great players a long time ago. It has nothing to do with the fact that as these cases pile up, it makes them, and their officials, who need respect to keep a game running fluently, look more and more ridiculous.