Rogelio Chavez of Cruz Azul With the Most Wonderful Goal of the Year

Not all goals are the work of perfect planning and thought. Sometimes it’s simply kicking the ball as hard as you can and hope for the best, which worked out perfect for Rogelio Chavez at the ending of the match of his team, Cruz Azul, against Queretaro in the Liga MX Clausara, scoring probably the best goal we’ve seen this year.

Chavez already scored a goal earlier in the match, as his team was leading 2-1 going into the final minute of the game. As a throw in went to him around the halfway line of the pitch, Chavez simply lifted his left leg and rocketed a ball that took an incredible swerve in the air, completely fooling Edgar Hernandez of Queretaro, who couldn’t really find a good spot to try and stop the ball.

When Chavez’ shot was coming down, it was a bit too fast and swerving for Hernandez to do anything, completely missing the save while the ball clipped the post and went in to give Cruz Azul the 3-1 win and Chavez what seems to be a definite spot in next year’s Puskas award shortlist.

Rogelio Chavez

Cruz Azul are currently leading the Mexican league with seven wins and one draw out of the first eight matches in the Clausara, leaving Toluca three points behind and a fair distance away from Pumas, Pachuca, America and Chivas.

Despite being one of Mexico’s biggest clubs with 8 league titles, Cruz Azul haven’t won a championship since 1997.

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