Roger Federer – What if he was Brazilian

Alas, Roger Federer was born in the boring (at least when it comes with international perception) nation of Switzerland. The Swiss don’t have the certain “sexy” appeal other nations have, like, well, a lot, and certainly not like Brazil, where a Gillette commercial takes us into an alternate universe, in which the greatest tennis player in the world takes a different direction.

How different? Imagine Roger Federer as a volleyball star. Not the most popular sport in the world, but one in which Brazil have been the best in the world, currently ranked #1 on the FIVB rankings, often referred to as volleyball’s “Dream Team” due to its success under coach Bernardo Rezende.

Even more impressive? Federer as a football star, where the sport is life, religion and everything combined for the people. Imagine how big of a star he is now, and multiply it by a bit more if he would have been a football star for the Selecao, who are currently going through a rough patch, looking for a new head coach. Maybe Bernardo Rezende and his golden touch can help?