Roger Federer Won’t be Number One Again

Roger Federer, at 30 years of age, 16 grand slam titles and 70 singles titles, still has the hunger to pursue more titles, more money, and even regaining the ATP rankings number one spot which he held on to so easily and successfully during years past. The problem is the consistency and ability, compared to someone like Novak Djokovic, isn’t there anymore.

But if you question his desire and motivation, that would be wrong. Federer wants to win titles and beat the best just as much as he did nine years ago when broke out onto the scene, winning Wimbledon for the first time.

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I think I still have the pressures of a World No. 1. That never really changes with all the success I’ve had. I have the same attention; there’s just different stories written. I’ve had a wonderful career so far. The fire is the same, basically. It’s just in terms of having a family now and not being World No. 1. 

In terms of fans, Federer is still the most popular player in the world, and still the most interesting among Tennis and general sports fans. Not winning a grand slam title in over two years and Novak Djokovic dominating the ATP tour for over a year round hasn’t changed the fact that Federer is still the biggest brand in Tennis. He’s still playing sublime and easy on the eye Tennis during stretches of matches, or Masters tournaments. The problems are in the Grand Slams and when facing the Big Guns.

But I take so much joy out of playing this sport and travelling the world still. I do care mostly about trying to win tournaments. That’s what’s important. That’s how I could get back to World No. 1 potentially. I have to get back to winning ways again after losing the last two.

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The talk of the end of Federer’s reign began from the moment he lost at Wimbledon to Nadal in that epic 2008 final. It continued in 2009 when he lost to Nadal in Melbourne. Things changed that year, and for about nine months, Federer was back, on top of the Tennis world once again. But age, Djokovic and Nadal’s dominance couldn’t be stopped. Federer has the ability to beat both of them on a given day, but it’s no longer a matter that’s just up to him. It hasn’t been that way for a long time.

Is there another major title in the books for Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time? Judging by London, a few months ago, than the answer should be definitely. Trying to ignore the subjective view that wishes for him to lift a big trophy over his head once again, with every match he concedes to Nadal or Djokovic in a Grand Slam semi final, the answer is clearly no.