Ronaldinho Never Runs Out of Footballing Magic

Ronaldinho Magic

As Atletico Mineiro beat Bahia 2-0, there wasn’t anything too special that Ronaldinho did, and yet he keeps on bringing at least one moment of football-magic few players in the world can, like his mid-air backheel pass.

At 33, he’s only out there to have fun. The Flamengo tenure wasn’t hugely successful, but things are very different since arriving at Belo Horizonte. It’s not just winning the Copa Libertadores, making Ronaldinho a winner of every major trophy possible along with the Champions League and the World Cup, but it’s about somewhat coming back to life.

Atletico MG might have the best team in Brazil, and we’ll see how strong they are on a European level when they’ll probably play against Bayern Munich in December, but achievements seem to be taking a backseat for now.

Lionel Messi is probably a better footballer than what Ronaldinho was at his best, and the same goes for Cristiano Ronaldo. But few players in the history of the game have blended efficiency with elegance and creativity as much as he has during his best days for Barcelona.

Ronaldinho Pass