Ronaldinho Still Has More Magic In His Feet Than Anyone Else

He didn’t score, but there was no denying his magical touches, leading to some incredible dribbles and to something someone called the best no-goal of the season. Ronaldinho at 33 is enjoying life and football with Atlético Mineiro, getting past Sao Paulo in the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores.

He scored one of the goals in the 2-1 win during the first leg. In the second leg, Jo (scoring a hat trick) did most of the work, and yet the most memorable moment of the match came from the man who was the best player in the world for a couple of years in what seems like a lifetime ago.

He began a cheeky 1-2 play on the line while Sao Paulo players, already without a chance of winning the match, down 4-1 and 6-2 in the aggregate score, chasing the ball. He first used his famous rabona pass, and on the second interchange of passes used the same trick to blow by the two defenders on the flank while keeping the ball in play.

He continued into the box, cutting to the middle from the wing, managing to keep possession despite the surrounding three players. Not troubled by the defenders, Ronaldinho tried what is between a chip shot or a cross to the far post, narrowly missing the goal.