Ronan Le Crom is Sent Off During His Debut for PSG

Carlo Ancelotti made a nice gesture towards his team’s 4th goalkeeper, Ronan Le Crom, putting him in the final match of the season with 30 minutes left in the match. Instead of picking up the PSG winners’ medal with a huge smile on his face, Le Crom was sent off in the final minutes for tripping¬†Ludovic Giuly, giving up a penalty and receiving a red card.

In closer inspection, it probably wasn’t a foul. Giuly ran over Le Crom and simply put his foot in the wrong place, but from certain angles it might look like Le Crom using his hand to stop Giuly from scoring. The 38 year old, who has hardly gotten any match time with any of his teams over the last four seasons, playing with PSG for the first time since joining the club, pleaded, along with other players, for the referee to let this one go.

He didn’t, and Le Crom ended up crying on the shoulders of his teammates near the bench, while Lorient got their consolation goal in a 3-1 win that meant winning the Ligue 1 title for the first time since 1994, finishing with a 12 point lead over Marseille.

Ronan le Crom