The Wayne Rooney Saga – Where (If) Will He Go To?

Weighing his options?
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Will he leave? Will he stay? Facts – Rooney wants to leave. Ferguson even came out and said so. Rooney didn’t sign a contract renewal and his deal will be over in about 20 months. When players have fallout with Fergie, even huge stars and fan favorites (Beckham, Roy Keane), they find the Old Trafford exit very quickly. So, it seems Rooney’s days with United are numbered. But where will he go? I see only three options (Barcelona will never sign him) – Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid.


Does Rooney Fit in this picture?
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Ancelotti has said that if Rooney became available, he’d love to have him. Chelsea do have the cash to hogtie and bring over the troubled starlet, but I wonder if Abramovich is keen on spending the amount of cash (at least 40 million pounds) needed to bring over Rooney.

Wants to see Rooney in Blue
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Anelka, the man who’ll probably lose his place in the lineup if Rooney comes over, said he would love a chance to play alongside Rooney at Stamford Bridge. Chances are, Rooney will be lined up with Drogba upfront. A big plus for Rooney, besides playing on the best team in England will be enjoying time with three national teammates – Lampard, Terry and Ashley Cole. Still, I think out of the three options, Chelsea is the least likely team Rooney will head too. He won’t be wearing dark blue.

Manchester City

Back together soon?
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Sky blue is a different story, and the choice that would piss off Ferguson the most. I don’t think Rooney would mind heading the Red Devils’ city rivals, despite kissing the United badge a million times, usually doing it with extra zest and passion when playing against Everton, the club he started in (teaching you a thing or two about Rooney and loyalty). Carlos Tevez made the same trip just over a year ago, and we know City have the money in their bank account to back up any transfer fee and salary United and Rooney demand. Mancini has said City won’t be gunning for Rooney, but don’t count on it. Rooney’s arrival will probably push Adebayor out of the starting lineup, which won’t make much of a difference, as he has yet to score this season. Out of the three options, this one looks the most likely to me. And one that would make the Manchester Derby more intense than ever.

Real Madrid

Will Rooney Prefer re-joining forces with the most arrogant player on the planet?
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Like Mancini, Mourniho said he won’t be going after Rooney, believing he’ll stay with United. If he does decide to leave, he’s welcome at Real. Well, any world class player is welcome at Real, who have had their eye on Rooney for the last couple of years. Ronaldo, at least from the things he says to the media, is pushing for the transfer. Where would Rooney fit in? I’m not sure he will, but tactics never really matter with Real. Having an overload of players and talent up front won’t make a difference. Just bring in the stars and the coach will somehow find a way to make it work. Do I believe he’ll get to Madrid? It’s more likely than Chelsea, but still, English players don’t usually do well when leaving the island, and my hunch tells me Wayne Rooney is staying in England and Manchester. Whether it be United or City, time will tell.