Rugby Union Trying to Grow in Brazil

How good are Brazil in Rugby Union? Not very much, but that doesn’t mean they’re not trying to improve as a nation in that sport or trying to expand the reach of it in a country with 190 million people and the potential to be just as good as their neighbors from Argentina, who have reached the World Cup quarterfinals three times.

Since Topper, a sportswear brand, began sponsoring the National Rugby Teams of Brazil, it’s also been trying to make the sport more popular and acessible to young kids around the country, hopefully building some sort of basis for the future in which Brazil are much more competitive in South American championships and the World Cup qualifiers. With Rugby Sevens being introduced to the Olympics in 2016 (Rio, if you haven’t heard), there’s a great opportunity to see a growth in popularity of the sport.

And on the way, making a few commercials with a lot of humor, self-deprecating humor taking jabs at the “success” Brazil have had over the years and their steps forward towards parity with nations like Uruguay and Chile.