Rugby Union is Not Soccer

Nigel Owens is a Welsh Rugby Union referee, and in a recent match between Munster and Treviso he made it very clear to the players while talking off one of them how he views soccer and the way that game is refereed.

Referees in soccer are easily swayed and affected by their surroundings. By the crowd, by the players, by their own decisions. Not too many refs get respect from players if they see he’s easily maneuvered. One 50-50 call will probably put him under more pressure, as he tries to even things out later on in the game.

One of the brilliant things in professional rugby is the ability to hear the referee as he talks to players. It makes things very clear for everyone watching to understand what, where and why. It’s also very clear from this video that Owens, and other referees in the sport, don’t take too much BS from the players.

Diving, feigning injuries, not just frowned upon. They’re a disgrace, and a plague at times with soccer, the most popular sport in the world but also the least advanced technologically and the most unwilling to change with the sign of the times.

With another Sunday of terrible refereeing around the world, taking a look at how things are done not too far away at the rugby pitches in the UK, France and Italy wouldn’t necessarily hurt the status of soccer referees.