Crying Packers Fan Explains Loss to Giants

While the New York Giants are celebrating all the way to the NFC Championship game in San Francisco, life for Green Bay Packers fans is obviously a lot less cheerful since their 37-20 defeat in Lambeau this week.

Why did they lose? Maybe too much ammunition spent during the regular season, finishing with a 15-1 record that didn’t help. Dropped passes. Fumbles. Eli Manning being clutch and simply great, as he has all season. Bad defense finally catching up with the Packers. The Giants being in the zone all across the board. A bye week that doesn’t help the no.1 seeds. Plenty of reasons, and excuses.

It’s hard to see things clearly right after a heart crunching loss, especially when you’re drunk after watching the game at a bar or something similar. Packer fan Casey sobs her way in explaining her reasons as to why Aaron Rodgers magic didn’t work in 2012, which pretty much sums up in Casey’s friend convincing her to go with Sparkles while she didn’t care aobut being pretty, and wearing her Clay Matthews jersey instead of the Aaron Rodgers jersey.

Mike McCarthy, we’ve been told, has been reviewing this with the rest of his staff, as he prepares for next season.