San Antonio Spurs – Tim Duncan Never Wears a Tie

Covering the NBA doesn’t always have to be serious. Once in a while, you stumble about something truly important, like a photo gallery proving that Tim Duncan never wears a tie, regardless of how important or formal the event he’s attending is.

When he goes to the White House, which has happened quite a few times due to the championships he’s won? No tie.

When he’s dressing casual for the All-Star game and taking pictures? No tie.

On draft night? No tie.

And when he’s getting that famous Gregg Popovich rest? A suit, but never a tie.

So besides being a lurker on reddit and a pretty big video game fan, he has a very strict policy about his dress code. Good to know.

Tim Duncan No Tie Duncan No Tie Duncan withotu a tie Duncan draft no tie Duncan All-Star no tie Tim Duncan courtside no tie Again without a tie Tim Duncan without a tie Duncan De Colo no tie

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