Sane Mosley Just Too Easy for Manny Pacquiao

Yeah, the Pac-man provided another entertaining fight, defending his Welterweight title again ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley last night at the MGM Grand. No, I wasn’t, and I’m sure most weren’t, with the level of his opponent, with the ‘no chance of an upset’ kind of feeling from the get go.

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Mosley isn’t a hard man to bring down, don’t get me wrong. The former title holder, even at 39, way way past his peak and two years since he last won a fight, wasn’t there just to collect the guaranteed 5 mil. Well, maybe just a little. But he wasn’t going to get knocked out with everyone watching. He did get knocked down in the third by the eight-division World Champion for only the third time in his career. It was on to full survival mode after that for Mosley.

Pacquiao kept hammering away at Mosley throughout the fight but by accident hit the canvas in the 10th. Don’t worry, Mosley didn’t really manage to land a punch, it was more of a push and slip by Pacquiao who got up quickly to keep his beating going. It was hardly a shocker when the Filipino boxer/politician/singer/mega-idol won by unanimous decision. Taking home more than 20 million dollars wasn’t a bad way to end the night as well.

Pacquiao has won his last three fight by UD and has not won by a KO or unanimous decision since his Split Decision win over Juan Manuel Marquez on March 2008. The 37 year old Mexican who has already faced Pacquiao twice, drawing once as well, is supposed to make it a third time in November if they manage to work out the deal. Rivaling promotion companies (Top Rank vs Golden Boy) is usually a problem.

Marquez seemed to be the only fighter to give Pacquiao an actual fight during the last six years, since Pacquiao’s loss to Erik Morales, his third and last defeat in the ring. I don’t think anyone but Mayweather Jr. will be satisfying, but that seems more and more unlikely. It’s a fight that will probably break records money-wise, but it won’t happen. Mayweather hasn’t boxed in over a year (last win over Mosley) and his legal problems just seem to be piling up.

Pacquiao said he wouldn’t lose any sleep if it doesn’t happen, he’s just fine with where he is and continue his boxing career without meeting with the undefeated Mayweather. Problem is that despite the obvious greatness of Pacquiao, the majority’s choice for top P4P boxer in the world right now, there’s no one out there to actually give him a worthy fight and not just attempt to dodge him round after round. Boxing fans are those who lose, not the boxers or promoters.