Saying Goodbye to Macho Man

The first thing you think of is the voice. Yeah, he looked ridicolous and flashy like any self respecting pro – wrestling superstar (funny it´s called pro, right?). After years of not watching WWE or WWF or whatever the Vince McMahon empire is called right now, I saw him make a ridicilously fun to watch appearance on Spiderman, trying to enhilate the up and coming Spiderman.

It´s never a surprise to hear of a Pro Wrestler reaching the end of his life way way too early. The steroids, the risks, the damage their body and mind take after years in the field which is there to entertain but on the way inflicts pain. From what I´m reading and hearing, he suffered a heart attack at the wheel of his car and died after the accident. His wife suffered only minor injuries, but that has no significance to her after the tragedy.

I stopped following WWF when I was about 12, and Macho Man wasn´t a big name anymore back then. Now on then I got to see and play him on video games, but it was always a fading memory from a childhood addiction of watching guys do brutal theatre to impress the kids and drunken guys. It looks flashy, but after watching ´The Wrestler´and the movie about Bret Hart, I felt more and more sorry for a lot of these guys. I´m not saying that a big part of my childhood was taken away from me today. It was sad to wake up and read that kind of news. I never met him, never saw him live. I hope its better for him wherever he is right now. R.I.P Macho Man.