Schools With the Most Heisman Trophy Winners

The 2014 Heisman Trophy winner is Marcus Mariota, the first one Oregon have ever produced (although he’s actually from Hawai’i). There are other programs that have seen one of their players lift the trophy quite a lot of times, especially USC, Notre Dame and Ohio State, proud to present the only two time winner, Archie Griffin.

Nebraska Cornhuskers – 3

Eric Crouch

The first winner from Lincoln was Johnny Rodgers for the 1972 season, in which Nebraska finished #4 in the nation following their 40-6 win over Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl. Rodgers finished with 1361 yards from scrimmage and 19 touchdowns.

In 1983 it was running back Mike Rozier that won the Heisman for the Huskers. Rozier ran for 2148 yards and scored 29 touchdowns in a season that ended at 12-1 for for Nebraska, losing 31-30 to Miami in the Orange Bowl and losing the chance for a national championship.

In 2001 Eric Crouch, a quarterback, won the award, throwing for 1510 yards but mostly for his running ability, going 1115 yards and scoring 18 touchdowns. Nebraska got crushed by Miami in the Rose Bowl, hosting the BCS championship game that year.

Michigan Wolverines – 3

Charles Woodson

Tom Harmon was the first Heisman winner for Michigan in 1940, rushing for 852 yards and scoring 15 touchdowns. The Wolverines waited 51 years until Desmond Howard became their second winner. Howard won it in 1991, scoring 19 touchdowns as a receiver, rushing for two and returning two more. Michigan were a perfect 8-0 in the Big Ten that season but lost two games against non conference rivals, including 34-14 to Washington in the Rose Bowl.

In 1997 it was cornerback Charles Woodson, still active in the NFL, that picked up the award for the Wolverines, finishing the season at 12-0 and winning the national championship according to the AP Poll. They beat Washington State in the Rose Bowl. Nebraska were #1 in the Coaches poll that year, beating Tennessee in the Orange Bowl and finishing 13-0.

Florida State Seminoles – 3

Jameis Winston

In 1993, Charlie Ward became the first Heisman winner for the Seminoles. The future NBA point guard played quarterback for the national champions, throwing for 3032 yards, 27 touchdowns and 4 interceptions to win the trophy.

Another quarterback, Chris Weinke, picked up the award in 2000. Weinke threw for 4167 yards and 33 touchdowns as FSU lost to Oklahoma in the national championship game.

Jameis Winston in 2013 made it a third quarterback for Florida State to win the award, doing it as a Freshman. Winston threw for 4057 yards and 40 touchdown passes.

Florida Gators – 3

Tim Tebow

Steve Spurrier, who later coached Florida to a national championship, won the Heisman in 1966. He led the Gators to an Orange Bowl victory over Georgia Tech that year.

In 1996 it was Danny Wuerffel playing the quarterback while Spurrier was the coach, leading Florida to a national championship, concluding with a 52-20 win over Florida State in the Sugar Bowl.

Tim Tebow was the third quarterback to win the award for Florida, despite Florida going just 9-4 that season, not making a BCS Bowl game. Tebow won two national championship with the Gators under Urban Meyer – in 2006 and 2008.

Auburn Tigers – 3

Cam Newton

Pat Sullivan, currently head coach at Samford, was the first Auburn player to win the Heisman. He won the award in 1971, but lost with Auburn to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

In 1985, it was Bo Jackson, the man and the legend, picking up the award for the Tigers. He finished with 1859 yards and 17 touchdowns from scrimmage, but his team wasn’t even ranked at the end of the season.

In 2010, Cam Newton played his first and only season for the Tigers, throwing for 2854 yards and rushing for 1473 and 20 touchdowns, leading Auburn to a perfect season including a huge Iron Bowl comeback and a dramatic win over Oregon in the title game.

Army Black Knights – 3

There used to be a time when Army had the best players in the land. Their first Heisman winner was Doc Blanchard in 1945, running for 722 yards and 16 touchdowns, leading the Black Knights to a national title.

A year later it was Glenn Davis, finishing with 1068 yards from scrimmage and 13 touchdowns to win the award.

In 1958, with the team still known as the Army Cadets, Pete Dawkins won the award, finishing with 919 yards from scrimmage, scoring six touchdowns. Army finished #3 in the polls that year.

Oklahoma Sooners – 5

Sam Bradford

The first Sooner to win the Heisman was Billy Vessels in 1952, rushing for 1072 yards and 17 touchdowns, but didn’t play in a bowl game because of a ban on the Big 7 conference.

In 1969 it was Steve Owens, a fullback, than ran for 152 yards and 23 touchdowns, to win the trophy. Oklahoma were only 6-4 that season while Texas won the national championship.

In 1978, running back Billy Sims won the award, rushing for 1762 yards and 20 touchdowns. The Sooners were #3 on the AP Poll, beating Nebraska in the Orange Bowl.

In 2003, quarterback Jason White won the award for the Sooners but that season ended with LSU beating Oklahoma in the BCS championship game, while USC picked the AP #1 share of the national title.

In 2008, quarterback Sam Bradford, now mostly injured in the NFL, won the award for the Sooners, throwing for 4720 yards and 50 touchdowns. Oklahoma lost to Florida in the national championship game.

USC Trojans – 7

Reggie Bush

The long list of USC Heisman winners begins in 1965 with Mike Garrett, rushing for 1440 yards and 13 touchdowns.

In 1968 he was followed by O.J. Simpson, rushing for 1880 yards and 23 touchdowns, leading USC to the Rose Bowl where they lost to Ohio State.

Charles White, another running back, won the award in 1979, rushing for 2050 yards and 19 touchdowns as USC finished #2 in the nation following a win over Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

Marcus Allen ran for 2427 yards and 22 touchdowns in 1981, a season that ended with a loss in the Fiesta Bowl to Penn State.

In 2002 it was Carson Palmer (currently with the Arizona Cardinals) that won the award, breaking the running back streak. USC won the Orange Bowl that year.

Two years later it was Matt Leinart lifting the trophy for the quarterbacks in Southern California as USC went on to win the BCS title, beating Oklahoma in the championship game.

In 2005 Reggie Bush made it a back-to-back achievement, winning 91.77% of the votes, with 2218 yards from scrimmage with 18 touchdowns, while USC lost to Texas in the BCS championship game.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 7

Tim Brown

Angelo Bertelli was the first winner from Notre Dame (1943). The quarterback led the Irish to a national championship that year.

Four years later it was Johnny Lujack, another quarterback, leading the Irish to the #1 spot in the AP Poll, ending the season undefeated.

In 1949, Leon Hart, a tight and defensive end, won the award for an Irish team that once again won the national championship.

Johnny Lattner won the award in 1953 and in 1956 it was Paul Hornung, later an NFL MVP, that won the award, playing quarterback among his many roles.

John Huarte, another quarterback, won the award in 1964, and the last player from Notre Dame to win the award was Tim Brown, a wide receiver, with four touchdowns from scrimmage and three more on returns.

Ohio State Buckeyes – 7

Troy Smith

Les Horvath was the first winner for Ohio State, winning the award in 1944, the typical old school quarterback / halfback.

Vic Janowicz picked up the award in 1950 for his skills as a halfback and a punter. Howard Cassady won the award in 1955, rushing for 958 yards and 14 touchdowns that season.

In 1974 and 1975 Archie Griffin lifted the trophy, the only player to win it twice and back-to-back. He ended up being on the losing end of two Rose Bowls, once to USC and once to UCLA.

In 1995 it was Eddie George, running for 1927 yards and 24 touchdowns that won the award. In 2006, Troy Smith, a quarterback, led Ohio State to the BCS title game (losing to Florida), winning the Heisman with 91.63% of the votes.

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