Seattle Seahawks – Percy Harvin Needs to Start Fulfilling Promises

Percy Harvin

One might say the Seattle Seahawks have done pretty well without Percy Harvin actually helping, bit it doesn’t mean that a full game from him in the Super Bowl of all places won’t mean a huge positive impact for the NFC champions; perhaps one that will swing the game in their favor.

If Harvin starts in the Super Bowl (which depends on the formation the Seahawks are going to use), it’s going to be the first time a player starts in it after playing in fewer than three regular-season games. Harvin played only once in the regular season for the Seahawks, making one reception for 17 yards in a win over his former team, the Minnesota Vikings. He suited up again in the playoff game against the Saints but was targeted right from the start and didn’t last long; 3 catches, 21 yards, and he was out of the game.

He has played only 11 times over the last two seasons. The last time he suited up for the Vikings, a team he missed only three games for during the first three seasons, was on Nov. 4, 2012. The Vikings were playing the Seahawks of all teams and going through a rough stretch. Harvin came after head coach Leslie Frazier with a verbal tirade that cost him the rest of the season. Yes, he sprained his ankle in that game, but those injuries don’t last for more than two months.


But despite his attitude issues (reported, at least) and missing half the season, the Seahawks had no problem giving him a six-season, $67 million deal after acquiring him via trade. They also have no problem using him heavily in the Super Bowl because he is ready to play. The question is which Harvin will show up, and how long he’ll last.

A talented, speedy receiver, who could have been a great track athlete if he wouldn’t have gone for the football athlete. Problems for him with the Vikings started right away. Migraines showed up quite often during his first season and even during rookie minicamps, but there was always a hint of something more; of Harvin not always telling the truth or trying to escape obligations. Harvin missed 15 days of the Vikings’ 2010 training camp because of his grandmother’s death followed by what he told team officials was a migraine episode. When he returned, he collapsed in practice, and after returning he blamed the collapse on medication he had since abandoned and said he believed his migraines were caused by sleep apnea.

Percy Harvin (Vikings)

Medical issues did not leave him; nor did behavioral problems he had with both Brad Childress and later with coach Frazier. Recently, he revealed he had an appendectomy in November 2012 and a tumor removed in the offseason. Instead of playing for Seattle this season he went through hip surgery.

Harvin was worth a lot of money to the Seahawks and a first draft pick in the trade that got him there. He was a first round pick for the Vikings as well, who never got more than six touchdowns in a season from him; he never eclipsed the 1000 yard mark as well. The Seahawks know the future is bright for this guy, hopefully. However, if there’s a time for him to start showing more than potential and actual substance, there’s no better place than the Super Bowl.

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